Preparing for Surgery

The pre admission stage of your day surgery care is very important and will assist to ensure you have a positive experience.

Please complete the pre admission and patient history forms. You must include a current physical address not a P.O. Box on the Pre Admission Form paperwork. These forms will allow us to confirm your admission and financial and other arrangements. Please forward the completed forms to the Centre as soon as possible so that your day surgery booking can be confirmed:

  • In person: Sight Foundation Theatre, Level 3, Sydney Eye Hospital, 8 Macquarie St, Sydney
  • Fax to: 02 9223 8299 and bring the originals on the day of surgery
  • Mail to: Sight Foundation Theatre, GPO Box 2684, Sydney NSW 2001
  • Email a scanned copy to: info[at][dot]au

If your account is handled through Workcover or a Third Party Claim, please provide us with the full details of your claim, including a letter from the insurer accepting liability for your admission.


Preparing for Your Admission

There are a number of things you can do to ensure you are adequately prepared for your admission.

  • Please read the information on this website very carefully. Your ophthalmologist will explain your procedure/operation and complete the consent form with you.
  • Your ophthalmologist will also advise the Centre of the date of your admission. Your ophthalmologist may also request that you undergo a general health assessment with a general practitioner.
  • Should there be a change in your condition or you develop a cold or illness prior to your surgery please advise your ophthalmologist or our Centre.
  • All patients must have a carer present on the night of surgery. Carers will be asked for an accessible contact number.
  • If you are coming from outside Sydney, please supply the Centre with your contact details.
  • If you are taking Warfarin or Clexane medication, it is important that you provide the Centre with a recent INR blood test result taken a few days prior to admission.
  • Doctors, specialists, and anaesthetists will send you separate accounts that may not be paid at our Centre.
  • If pathology is taken whilst in our care, you will receive a separate account


English as a Second Language

If you have difficulty with understanding English, please get the support of a competent person to translate for you and assist with your visit to the Centre.

Assistance is also available from the translation and Interpretation Service (TIS) on 1800 131 450.

You will receive a phone call up to 24 hrs before your surgery, advising you of your fasting and admission times. If you are not English speaking please organise for someone with good English skills to contact us on your behalf.



  • There are general fasting rules, unless otherwise advised. Please telephone our nursing staff if you have any queries.
  • Adults who have morning surgery are requested not to eat or drink after midnight the night before their surgery.
  • If your surgery is in the afternoon, have breakfast but do not eat or drink after 7am unless otherwise advised during your pre-admission phone call.


Alcohol & Smoking

  • Alcohol should not be consumed prior to surgery as it could interact with some medications.
  • To achieve a better outcome, it is advised that you do not smoke prior to your surgery or immediately after.
  • In accordance with the NSW ministry of health policy, the Sight Foundation Theatre is a smoke free environment.



  • Please do not bring any valuables as the Centre is not able to take any responsibility.


Doctor's Orders

  • Please follow any pre admission instructions given to you by your doctor.



  • Drop off from Hospital Road
  • Domain car park
  • Sydney Eye Hospital (Metro Parking)


Patient's relatives, friends & carers

  • If accompanying a patient you may wait in our comfortable waiting area. Alternatively we will ring when the patient is ready to leave.



  • It is important that you advise us if your weight is greater than 120 kg as it may not be advisable for you to have your procedure at our Centre.