Phacoemulsification Cataract Workshop

Successful surgery depends today not only on the surgeon's skills and the quality of instrumentation, but also upon the partnership and understanding of the nurses assisting the surgeon. In a good working relationship the nurse is not only watching the surgery, but also successfully anticipating and providing the instruments the surgeon needs.

It has often been said that successful surgery is a patient appropriately anaesthetised and a surgeon and nurse without stress. A partnership leads to quicker outcomes meeting all these requirements. The training of young eye surgeons is enhanced if training objectives include facilitating this cooperative partnership.

On Saturday 9 July a Phacoemulsification Cataract workshop was held in the Sight Foundation Training Laboratory. The empahsis of the training was developing this partnership and session provided the opportunity for registrars and nurses to practice working together as a team. The nurses prepare the microscope and set up all the equipment.

The session was sponsored by Bausch & Lomb and an adviser from Avant Insurance delivered a presentation on medico-legal aspects and implications related to similar procedures.